Welcome from the Chair

Welcome from the Chair

2013 is a year of local races. We will elect a County Judge, a District Attorney, all 14 County Legislators, all ten Ithaca Common Council members and Supervisors and/or Board Members in each of our Towns. We are very much the majority party, and we plan to work hard to extend our open, responsive and effective government even further.

In 2012 we were, of course, overjoyed with the re-election of President Obama. Our Committee definitely did our share with excellent results. We worked in Tompkins County, Pennsylvania and Ohio with a range of activities. We also focused heavily on the Congressional Campaign of County Legislator, Nate Shinagawa. Unfortunately, Nate did not prevail, although the closeness of the vote definitely sent a message for the future. We re-elected Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton whose exemplary record apparently "scared off" any Republican opponent. We also ran candidate Howard Leib for State Senate against long-time and deep-pocketed James Seward in a spirited campaign.

We will bring the same level of energy and commitment to our 2013 races. We temper our work with social events, and share our commitment to Democratic values of inclusion, openness, responsiveness to constituents, respect for tax dollars and attention to vulnerable segments of our population.

I encourage you to get involved in this important and rewarding work by calling me at (607) 266-7579, or e-mailing me at iws2iws2@gmail.com.

Tompkins County Democrats-P.O. Box 6798-Ithaca, N.Y. 14851

Tompkins County Democrats - PO Box 6798 - Ithaca, NY 14851